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GREENLEAF HOTEL is strategically located at Kuantan city along Jln Bukit Ubi.

In addition, Greenleaf is also situated very near to all the main shopping complex in town namely : Berjaya Megamall, East Coast Mall ,Komplex Teruntum, and Kuantan Parade, are offers great shopping in air-conditioned comfort. These shopping centres offer tempting array of bewitching items which you may not find elsewhere.

Beside cinemas, bowling valley, fast food restaurants and other facilities are made available. Shopping in comfort, style and convenience are some of the keyword that will please you.

The Batik cottage factory is synonymous with the East Coast of the Peninsular Malaysia. Here you can see how this unique wax printed fabric is produced in a variety of colours and designs. Batik is a method of producing coloured designs on textiles by applying wax to the parts to be left untreated. Their specialty is batik fabric, which you can buy just as fabric or in a few items of clothing.

They also have a wide variety of other clothing and the shop in front of the Greenleaf hotel is full of other random souvenirs. There are also many other shops right in the Pasar Besar with lots of carved wooden souvenirs and things. We did think that many of the souvenirs were the same as ones we saw in Bangkok, so look for something unique.

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  2F - 6F



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