1. All hotels, room rates, categories of rooms and other information published are correct at the time of publication.
2. All room rates shown are subject to change at any time without prior notice based on room availability and Management's discretion.
3. Confirmation of reservation is subject to:
(i) room availability
(ii) first come first served basis
(iii) other terms and conditions herein contained and/or such other terms and conditions that may be reasonably imposed upon confirmation
4. The room booking is confirmed upon issuance of a confirmation email and full payment. Guests shall be liable to contact us immediately if he/she fails to receive any reply from us for whatever reasons. Once confirmed, NO CANCELLATION request will be entertained.
5. Booking confirmation may be changed subject to the following terms and conditions:
(i)  availability of the room
(ii) rates will change according to low and peak seasons
(iii) to call the hotel directly for changes
6. All requests to change must be sent to gleafhotel93@gmail.com at least 5 days before the check-in date. Guests shall be liable to follow-up on his/her request if he/she does not receive any response and we shall not at any time be liable for not responding to any request to change for whatever reasons
7. If there is any difference between the rate of the room(s) under the new confirmation and the last confirmation:
(i) no refund will be made if the rate payable under the new confirmation is lower;
(ii) if the rate payable under the new confirmation is higher, the differences shall be payable via credit card upon confirmation of the changes
8. The room booking is non-transferable.
9. The person who made the credit card booking must be the same person who will be checking in. No payment can be made on behalf of another person.
10.The name displayed in the confirmation email will follow the name registered. Therefore, please ensure that the name registered is the same person who will check in.
11 You need to present all these documents upon check-in at the respective hotel's reception counter:
(I)   original identity card (IC) or passport
(ii)  original credit card
(iii) confirmation email
12. Should any discrepancy arises with the details in any of the above documents, the reservation will be treated invalid and no refund will be granted.
13. Payment made is non-refundable if the room is not used (no show).
14. Green Last Hotel Management reserves the right to alter, amend, delete or add to the stated terms and conditions or withdraw the “ Promotions Room Rates “ at any time without prior notice.
15. You are required to agree to all the terms and conditions before you proceed with your room booking. Any dispute thereafter will not be entertained.



All reservations made through our website is subject to availability of the rooms and packages. Once the online reservation has been completed, your payment through your credit card will be charged immediately and not upon arrival at the hotel.

We will not entertain any amendment or cancellation for payment and reservations on PACKAGES or SPECIAL RATES Promotion.


Please be informed that Green Last Hotel is not involved in any encrypting or decrypting of any such information and as such is unable to access, retrieve, intercept or manipulate in any way any information that you send to us. We merely transmit the pre-encrypted information that you have sent to us (which has been pre-encrypted via the standards set by the Financial Institution in question) to the requesting Financial Institution whom shall decrypt it at their end in order to process your transaction.