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The Endau Rompin State Park is one of the most visually stunning tourist attractions found in the state of Pahang. Having existed for almost one million years, the Endau Rompin State Park is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. Remaining virtually unchanged throughout the whole millenium, Endau Rompin is believed to be even older than the Amazon Jungle. This ancient tropical rainforest park is boasted by some of the most exotic species of tropical plants and animals ever found. The flora and fauna found here had evolved into a unique eco-system of exotic species that are found no where else on the face of the earth. Located in the south of the town of Pekan, the Endau Rompin State Park is the newest nature reserve park in Malaysia and covers over 80000 hectares of virgin and untouched jungle that straddels the states of Pahang and Johor.

Endau Rompin State Park Pahang, MalaysiaThe Endau Rompin State Park offers various kinds of activities to enjoy such as camping, jungle trekking, bird watching boating and fishing. This park will also allow its visitors the opportunity to get back to nature and experience the mysterious secrets of its wilderness. Located just 10 to 15 minutes drive from the main enterance of the park, the Mahkota Waterfall is a spot that should not be missed. This highest waterfall in the park cascade about 60 metres high. The most interesting factor about this waterfall is the location of the Kelapa Gading Cave. This 25 metres high cave is situated right in the midst of the waterfall.

Some of the best fishing spots in Malaysia can be found here in the Endau Rompin State Park. One of the most popular sites are found along the lower reaches of the Sungai Kinchin and Sungai Kemapan. It is known that some of the best time to enjoy fishing would be during the months of February to April and from June to August. Besides, the fishes caught here in the Endau Rompin State Park are noticeably larger as compared to those caught in other rivers in Malaysia.

Leisurely trekking through the jungle and being shaded by trees that are almost hundred years old is one of the best ways to enjoy and discover the breathtaking beauty of the Endau Rompin State Park. You would be able to gaze up into the dense canopy above and enjoy the sight of toadstools and multicoloured fungsi. For those who are opting for a more adventurous and physical demanding activities, hiking the treacherous terrains of the park along with the guide of an Orang Asli will be a wonderful experience as he will entertain you with some exciting mysteries and mythologies of the Endau Rompin. During your visit here, you should not miss and forget to visit the Padang Tujuh. This is the site for bonsai trees and provide some of the most spectacular views ever found. The combination of the Endau and Rompin river that brought to the park's name provide the most amazing river safaris unlike anything else found. These magnificent rivers of the Endau Rompin State Park offers some of the most spectacular views in Malaysia.

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